This is a record of my first real attempt at Low Fly Photography


I have for quite a long time wanted to try my hand at low level aircraft photography. Having researched how to do it and where on I decided to book the 16th of August off from work and take the plunge. The plan was to meet at the Little Chef (Dolgellau) at 6:45 am - that meant a 4:30 start for me, so I set the alarm for 4:10 , woke up on time, had an early breakfast and set off. The journey was easy and uneventful, but there were already 3 cars parked at 'The Bwlch' car park as I passed. At the cafe, I met ChrisB and quite a good sized group of other members who were all very friendly and helpful considering I was very new. We all parked up at 'The Bwlch' - ChrisB and I went up to the middle ledge , the others went down to 'The Exit'.

The Bwlch

The others at the Exit

The car park filled up quickly


Once up to the middle ledge, we greeted those who were already there (and those above us) and set up ready for aircraft and prepared for the rain. The rain came first! The weather was awful. On and off rain and wind all day, with just a few sunny spells before dinner time. After dinner the weather was much better, just a few showers.


Tucano 1

Tucano 2


As you can see - I had some real problems remembering to use a slower shutter speed with propeller driven planes! I forgot to slow the speed later when a French Transall came through as you will see.....

The View

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