This is a record of my first visit to CAD East

with the group - 29th November 2007


I met up with the group at the Buckley Pines Hotel for breakfast
before setting out for a day at Cad East. The weather forcast was good.

The View at Cad E

waiting for aircraft

waiting for aircraft


Once there, it was clear that we were going to have a windy day, especially those who opted for the higher locations (I didn't). ITV were also up there with us doing some filming. A couple of F15's went high over us and a couple of Tornados went past in the distance....

some of us

ITV filming

the first visitor


After that, a constant stream of traffic all day apart from a few longish gaps.......

a pair of hawks

Alpha jet

Hawks quite often came in pairs .......

a hawk

a pair of hawks

A hawk


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